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China Glaze Metro Collection for Fall 2011

So a week or so ago, I posted on Twitter asking what you guys thought of the new China Glaze Metro Collection for Fall 2011. Many of you guys said there were some standouts in the collection, but for the most part, the collection was a skip. I perused swatches online by some of my favorite beauty bloggers and came to the conclusion that I needed some of these shades in my life.
I ended up placing an order on This is one of the multiple online nail etailers. I used to order from, but after a horrible personal experience dealing with their customer service, I’ve moved on and will never order from them again.
Anyways, let’s get back on topic. ;)
This collection is a PERFECT Fall collection. I don’t know what else to say about it. It has a little bit of everything. Dark shades, light shades, cream finishes, shimmer finishes, glitters, everything. It really is a perfect collection. Now though I didn’t order the entire thing, I can tell you that the polishes that I did end up getting, I am very happy with. Not even one dud shade to report here.
So let’s get on to the shades:
First off, the Metro Collection was broken down into two sub-collections: Uptown and Downtown. We’ll start with the polishes I got from Uptown.
Left to Right: Brownstone, CG in the City, Street Chic, Urban-Night

Brownstone is a darkened burgundy brown with a cream finish. This shade is incredibly opaque and the texture is rich and buttery. The shade is also fairly unique, but I do think I have an OPI polish that is fairly similar. I can’t remember the name off the top of my head, but I believe it was in the Hong Kong Collection.

CG in the City is a clear base with tiny particles of purple-y pink glitter. The glitter in this polish is very fine, yet it is still fairly dense. In three coats, you can get fairly opaque coverage. It’s not quite as opaque as OPI’s glitters, however.

Street Chic is a cocoa brownish taupe with a cream finish. This shade also has an incredible texture, as it’s very smooth and becomes practically opaque in one coat. When I was applying this polish, it really reminded me of a steaming cup of hot chocolate. The smoothness of the cocoa mixed with the velvetiness of the milk is all captured in this polish. Oh, what a strangely descriptive description. ;)

Urban-Night is a darkened plum with a cream finish. The texture on this one is very nice as well: opaque in one to two coats and very buttery. However, I didn’t find the shade terribly unique. I’m sure I have many other polishes that can substitute for this one. So if you already have a dark plum polish in your collection, I would skip on this one.

And now for the polishes I got from the Downtown sub-collection. This collection definitely had more unique and interesting shades in it.

Left to Right: Concrete Catwalk, Midtown Magic, Skyscraper, Trendsetter, Westside Warrior
Concrete Catwalk is a dark blue-toned grey with a cream finish. This one also had an amazing formulation: exactly the same, dense color payoff as the other cream polishes in this collection. This shade is very pretty, however this is another not-so-unique one. I had just bought Essie’s Power Clutch from the new Carry On Collection a few days ago, and CC is virtually identical to it when swatched.

Midtown Magic is a blackened purple base with slight multi-colored shimmer in it. The texture is very smooth on this polish. I also found this polish to be one of the most unique out of the collection. I definitely recommend snatching this polish if you have a chance.

Skyscraper is a sheer mid-tone blue base loaded with silver glitter. The glitter in this one is similar to CG in the City, but because this polish has a colored base, it goes opaque in two thick coats. I personally LOVE this polish. I can’t stop looking at it. Very unique to my collection, and I think it should be a great addition to any nail polish lover’s collection. By far my favorite polish promoted in the Metro collection.

Trendsetter is a mustard yellow with very subtle gold shimmer. This is another very unique shade, and definitely going to be one of those “love it or hate it” type of shades. If you are daring with your nail polish choices, definitely give this one a go. If not, then I would pass. Personally, I think it’s BEATIFUL, but to each his own. I know not everyone will find this shade to their liking.

Westside Warrior is a dirty army green with a cream finish. This one was not quite what I was expecting. It’s very dark and dirty looking. A good fall color, but I was hoping for something a little lighter and brighter. Overall, I’m not too disappointed in this shade. The texture is amazing (once again) and I think if you are looking for a very dark green, that almost doesn’t look green, you may like this one.

So overall, I’m very impressed with this collection. I think China Glaze hit it out of the park when it comes to the textures of these polishes. Each one of them smooth, buttery, and opaque. Love them.
The ones I didn’t get from the collection were the three red and pink shades. I believe there was one red and two raspberry-pink shades. I honestly do not need one more red or pink nail polish, so I just decided to pass.
Fall is right around the corner and I can’t wait to wear all of these beautiful polishes. I hope you guys liked my haul and review on this collection, and please feel free to let me know what you think of the collection. Are you planning on getting any of these? Did you already get some? If so, what do you think of them? =)
Love you guys and I'll type to you in my next post! <3
Eshani a.k.a. TotalMakeupJunkie101

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  1. I really like that Trendsetter one! but China Glaze is kinda hard to find here, and I am forbidden by my lovely mother from buying nail polish =(

    I'm thinking about featuring you in a share the love kinda post that I am planning for my blog...I'd tell you to check it out, but it is unlikely that you understand a word of the posts...