Saturday, October 1, 2011

Nail of the Day: Revlon Facets of Fuchsia

So I think I’ve found my new holy grail Fall/Winter nail polish. Seriously, the beauty of this polish is so hard to capture in a picture, but it is indescribably beautiful in person. This is one of Revlon’s new (and I don’t believe that it’s limited edition) shades called Facets of Fuchsia.

Many people have been comparing this polish to the infamous, Deborah Lippmann Bad Romance nail polish (named after Lady Gaga’s song). I was one of the many who lusted over this polish ever since it released, but $18.00 for one bottle of polish was definitely not in my price range. Luckily, Revlon heard our cries of sorrow and came to our rescue. And so Facets of Fuchsia was born.

Facets of Fuchsia, two coats (over black), natural light
Facets of Fuchsia is an almost jelly, deep charcoal (almost black) base with fuchsia-purple glitter. There are two distinct shapes of the fuchsia-purple glitter in this polish: hexagonal and little specks. Surprisingly, the glitter is not hidden behind the dark base of the polish; instead, it shows up quite well and provides a beautiful contrast against the dark background.

Another note about this polish is that the base is sort of a jelly consistency, meaning that it is not opaque in one coat and still only semi-opaque in two coats. If you were to wear this polish alone, I would recommend applying three coats. One way around that (which is what I did in my manicure) is to apply an opaque black crème polish first, and then apply one to two coats of Facets of Fuchsia over it. This really bumps up the intensity of the polish and I found this to be the most efficient use of it.

One last note I want to make about this polish is that if you apply it over a black crème polish, you do not need to apply to coats of Facets of Fuchsia. My intention was to apply two coats of Facets of Fuchsia in an attempt to maximize the amount of glitter visible, however this does not work. I found that the second coat merely covered up the glitter of the first coat (because of the darker base) and it basically looked exactly the same as if I had only one coat of it on. So my recommendation would be: one coat of base coat, one coat of an opaque black crème polish, one coat of Facets of Fuchsia, and one coat of top coat. You’ll get the exact same look as mine if you follow these steps. ;)

What do you guys think of Facets of Fuchsia? Are you itching to dash to your drugstore and grab a bottle or could you not care less about the shade? Let me know!

Love you guys and I'll type to you in my next post! <3
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  1. Love that you did this review! I was contemplating whether or not to buy it, and now I know I will. Love your blog and youtube channel! :)